EVC Ultra Low Back Seat Switcher

A popular seat for small Light Rail Transit Vehicles (LRV’s) and Switcher Cabs. Its narrow, low profile design provides versatility, while still giving operators full comfort.

Ultra-Low Back Switcher
  • Low-Back
  • Recline
  • 2-Way Adjustable Lumbar
  • Fixed Cushion
  • 4.5” Fore/Aft Adjustment
  • 18” Wide Cushion
  • 23” Tall Back
  • EVC Cushion Support EVC Dampens low amplitude vibrations to the operator-Increases comfort
  • Tamper Proof Fasteners
  • Cover material options- E Leather, Ultra 1000 Cloth, Colored Vinyls, & Vigor
  • All seats have service parts available to keep the seat in service as long as possible
  • Dual EZ- Adjust Arms
  • FST Compliant Foams
  • FST Compliant Covering Material
  • Back Protector Shell
  • Can be attached to any of our pedestal options (Pedestal Options)