Flip Operator/Helper Seat

Innovation is built into this seat. As cabs used in light rail vehicles and locomotives continue to shrink; the need for innovative space saving designs is a must. Introducing the Wall Mounted EVC Operator Seat. This seat is bolted right to a cab wall or a bulkhead. The design saves space while also providing all of the benefits of a full seat. 

Nowhere to mount the seat to because of access panels? No problem. Seats Incorporated has a variety of sliders and swing frames that this seat can be mounted to. This allows the seat to be occupied during vehicle use. When the vehicle is not in use maintenance can easily slide or swing the seat out of the way.

Standard Features

  • Recline
  • 2-Way Lumbar
  • Infinite Height Adjust
  • 7” Telescopic Tracks
  • 19” Flip Up Cushion
  • EVC Cushion Support EVC Dampens low amplitude vibrations to the operator-Increases comfort
  • Cover material options- E Leather, Ultra 1000 Cloth, Colored Vinyls, & Vigor
  • All seats have service parts available to keep the seat in service as long as possible


  • Dual EZ- Adjust Arms
  • FST Compliant Foams
  • FST Compliant Covering Material
  • Back Protector Shell
  • Cushion Swivel

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